El Agua de Khabarovsk – Water in Khabarovsk

“El agua es un líquido incoloro, inodoro e insípido”, te enseñan cuando eres pequeño.

Hace mucho hablamos de la necesidad de disponer de agua embotellada en Khabarovsk. Ayer y hoy estamos teniendo un corte de agua fría (hay agua caliente), por lo que mucha gente ha recogido agua en las bañeras para poder lavarse (cosa no tan habitual para muchos). El caso es que haciendo esto se aprecia con todo lujo que en Khabarovsk, cuando hay agua, tienes suerte si encima es amarilla.

Adjunto una foto de Instagram que no es mía, para que no haya truco (si queréis os enseño mi bañera, que es lo mismo). Y esa agua es la que mucha gente de Khabarovsk insiste en usar para cocinar y beber.

Y encima algunos insisten en que la calidad del agua en Khabarovsk es muy buena, porque en Rusia hay estándares de calidad muy altos. No, no es una broma… Al menos, en la última encuesta que he visto, el 60% de la población está preocupada por la calidad del agua. Me pregunto qué piensa el otro 40% para el cual el agua amarilla no sólo es normal sino que debe de ser fantástica…

IMG_3023“Water is a colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid”, they taught you when you are a child.

Long time ago we talked about the necessity of having bottled water in Khabarovsk. Yesterday and today we are experiencing a cut in the cold water (there is hot water apart), so many people have collected water in the bathtubs to be able to wash themselves (which is not so common for many). The point is that by doing so you can check with all detail that in Khabarovsk, when there is water, you are lucky if it is yellow.

I attach a picture from Instagram which is not mine, so that there is no alteration (if you want I can show you my bathtub, it is the same). And that same water is the one many people from Khabarovsk insist on using to cook and drink.

And moreover, there are some that insist on saying that the water quality in Khabarovsk is very good, because in Russia there are very high quality standards. No, it is not a joke… At least, in the last poll I read, 60% of the population is worried about the quality of the water. I wonder what the other 40% think, those for which the yellow water is not only normal, but also fantastic…

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2 Responses to El Agua de Khabarovsk – Water in Khabarovsk

  1. Water standards are really high… but khv have very old water transportation system and supply from Amur (witch came from China) is a weakest point…

    • If you mean what the physical paper of the GOST standard says, I can accept what you say. The reality (and I know it pretty well) is that Russian standards are not followed and the quality of the transportation, construction, roads, etc. is terrible. Russian standards must change and be hugely updated as they are far from many international standards. And proper enforcement must be achieved, not just bureaucracy (which is in the heart of this Russia).

      Besides, as you say, the Amur river was contaminated by the Chinese in 2005 if I remember correctly, but dirtiness on the Russian side is absolutely disgusting. Russians are also guilty of the dirt.

      If the water quality would be so high, why they recommend to boil the water before use?

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